DRAFT Constitution of  “The Will of the Electorate Federation”*

* Note: WOTE.uk will be renamed to RealDemocracy.uk in due course. Both web addresses will continue to reach this site.


"A Federation is an organization or group within which smaller divisions have some degree of internal autonomy". RealDemocracy.uk seeks to enable and assist the election of independent MPs

Article 1: RealDemocracy.uk has one policy:

To provide a government that delivers the government services that the electorate wishes, effectively and efficiently within the resources available.

Section 1: Name The name of this Federation shall be RealDemocracy.uk, also aliased as "WOTE.uk"

Section 2: Purpose RealDemocracy.uk is committed to upholding and promoting democratic principles, advocating for the interests of the electorate, and working towards the betterment of society as a whole. RealDemocracy.uk aims to actively participate in the political process, discover the policies that the electorate want and develop and implement these policies, and contest elections in the United Kingdom.

Article 2: Membership

Section 1: Eligibility Any individual who is a citizen or resident of the United Kingdom and supports the principles, objectives, and policies of the Federation shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2: Rights and Responsibilities Members shall have the right to participate in meetings, vote in internal elections, and contribute to policy discussions. Members are expected to adhere to RealDemocracy.uk principles, code of conduct, and actively contribute to the RealDemocracy.uk's activities.

Section 3: Personal Opinions Members may hold diverse personal opinions on policy, they may express them publicly and indeed argue for these to be “The Will of the Electorate”. However these personal opinions should not interfere with the delivery of the currently expressed “Will of the Electorate”

  1. The names and addresses of current members shall be entered on the membership list, which shall be the definitive list of members. Members' addresses shall be either their residence or their place of work or study.
  2. The Membership list shall be confidential and the Executive shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that information contained on the membership list is used solely for RealDemocracy.uk purposes and is not disclosed to any person other than persons authorised by this Constitution or by the Executive.
  3. All members shall be required to pay an annual subscription to be determined from time to time by the Conference. The proportions paid to or retained by the and the local Organisation shall be determined by the Conference on the recommendation of the Executive.

Section 4: Termination of Membership

  1. Membership shall be terminated if:
  1. a member ceases to be eligible for membership under Clause ?? or
  2. a member sends written notice of resignation to such address as may from time to time be specified for communications relating to the membership list; or
  3. a member's subscription has expired and has not been renewed within three months (provided that membership shall be restored if the arrears are paid during the period to which the subscription relates); or
  4. a member is expelled from membership under Clause 22.


  1. A member shall be expelled from membership if the Executive is of the opinion that his or her continued membership would be seriously detrimental to the interests of the Federation, provided that:
  1. a motion to consider expulsion of a member shall only be competent at a meeting of the Executive of which due notice has been given and intention to propose the motion has been circulated in advance; and
  2. such motion shall require a simple majority of Executive members present and voting; and
  3. the member shall, subsequent to such vote, be notified in writing of the grounds on which the Executive is considering the termination of his or her membership and given a fair opportunity to comment in writing thereon; and
  4. the member shall be expelled only if the Executive, after consideration of the relevant material, shall so decide by a two thirds majority of votes cast in a secret ballot of its members.
  1. In case of urgency, the Executive may, by a two thirds majority of members present and voting at a properly called meeting, suspend any member from the rights and privileges of membership for a period not exceeding three months while the question of termination of his or her membership is under consideration. A member may be suspended by a unanimous decision of the Office Bearers for a period not exceeding one calendar month to allow for a meeting of the Executive to be called.
  2. No person who has been expelled from membership of the Federation shall be eligible for readmission without the prior approval of the Executive.
  3. Any person whose application to become a member has been refused, or any member who has been suspended or expelled from membership or who is otherwise aggrieved in a matter pertaining to this Section may appeal to the Appeals Tribunal as provided in Appeals Section.

Article 3: Organisation Structure

Section 1: Leadership RealDemocracy.uk shall have a leadership structure comprising of elected officials responsible for guiding the  activities. The leadership positions shall include, but not be limited to, the Leader, Deputy Leader, Treasurer and Executive Committee members.

  1. Office Bearers shall hold office for two years from the 1st January immediately following their election.
  2. All Office Bearers of the Party shall be elected by the single transferable vote in a secret postal ballot of all members.
  3. Nominations for any of the Office Bearer posts shall be by not less than ten members                                                            
  4. Nominations for the Leader must be supported by ten members
  5. Nominations for the Deputy Leader must be supported by another ten members
  6. The Leader shall be responsible for the political direction of the Party and for promoting its cause.
  7. The Deputy Leader shall deputise for the Leader within the Party and shall be responsible for co-ordinating the work of the Party
  8. In the event of the death or resignation of the Leader or Deputy Leader a successor shall be elected to complete the unexpired term of office. Save if the term has less than six months to run, the Executive may appoint an acting Leader or Deputy Leader.
  9. In the event of the death or resignation of an Office Bearer other than the Leader or Deputy Leader or any member of the Executive elected under Clause F23(b), the Executive shall take such action with regard to the vacancy as it shall think fit, save that any member appointed to hold such office shall only do so to complete the unexpired term of office.
  10. The Treasurer shall receive and disburse monies on behalf of the Party according to a policy directed by the Executive. 
  11.   An Office Bearer who is unable, or persistently fails, to carry out his or her duties may be removed from office by a two thirds majority of all the members of the Executive in a secret ballot. Before such a proposal may be voted on, the Office Bearer shall be given in writing the reason for it and an opportunity to respond. An Office Bearer may appeal against his or her removal to the Appeals Tribunal, who shall have the right to re-instate the Office Bearer. When this clause is invoked and it is necessary to do so, the Executive may appoint another person to act temporarily in his or her place.
  12. The Office Bearers shall be responsible for the appointment and management of staff and for agreeing their terms and conditions according to a policy determined by the Executive, and for compliance with relevant employment law.
  13. The Officer Bearers shall also be responsible for ensuring the co-ordination of the political and other work of the party and for this purpose will meet regularly and may make recommendations to the Executive and its Standing Committees and sub-committees.
  14. There shall be an Executive Committee, referred to in this Constitution as the Executive, which shall consist of:
  1. the Office Bearers, and
  2. twelve other members elected in a postal ballot of all members
  1.  when unable to attend a meeting of the Executive, the Leader and Deputy Leader may appoint another member to attend in their place as voting members.
  2. Nominations for members of the Executive, other than the Office Bearers, shall be subscribed by ten members. They shall be elected by the single transferable vote in a secret postal ballot of all members and shall hold office for two years from 1st January following their election.
  3. The Executive shall be responsible for the management and conduct and ensuring compliance with any relevent legal structure.
  4. The quorum at any meeting of the Executive shall be one-third of its members.
  5. The Executive shall have the power to appoint sub-committees.
  6. The Executive shall have the power to borrow money and to grant indemnities for the general purposes of the Party and to secure any monies borrowed, or grants of indemnity given, in such a manner as it thinks fit upon the assets of the Party; provided always that the total amount of the monies borrowed, or the terms of the indemnities, shall not exceed such amount as may from time to time be determined by the Executive and approved by the Conference.
  7. The Office Bearers and other members of the Executive shall not be liable for any loss arising from the negligence or fraud of any person employed by them or the Party (even if the employment of any such person was not necessary or expedient), or by reason of any mistake or omission made in good faith by any of them or by reason of any other matter or thing except wilful fraud or wrongdoing on the part of the Office Bearer or Executive member who is sought to be made liable. They shall be entitled to an indemnity out of the assets  (including future assets) against all costs, damages and expenses incurred by them, in respect of any liability from which they are relieved by the foregoing provisions of this clause and for all liability costs and expenses properly incurred by them in the execution of their powers and duties

Section 2: Decision-Making Decisions regarding, strategies, and actions shall be made through democratic processes, which may include consultations, debates, and voting among members. Members shall have the opportunity to contribute to decision-making processes.

Section 3: Constitution Amendments Amendments to this Constitution shall be proposed, debated, and voted upon during Party conventions or other appropriate Party gatherings. Amendments shall require a designated majority vote for approval.

Section 4: Change in Aim Should the aim of RealDemocracy.uk in Article 1 be changed, the name of the Article must also be changed.

Article 4: Policies

Section 1: Policy Development The Party shall develop policies based on its core principles, taking into consideration the needs and aspirations of the people. Policy development shall be determined by research, consultation, and engagement with the electorate.

Article 5: Electoral Engagement

Section 1: Elections RealDemocracy.uk shall actively participate in elections at various levels, including local, regional, and national. It shall field independent candidates who align with RealDemocracy.uk principles, policies, and code of conduct.

Candidates for Election

Application and Approval for Parliamentary Elections

  1. The Executive shall maintain lists of approved candidates in
  2. United Kingdom  and may adopt rules for admission to the lists.
  3. Any member of the Federation may apply for inclusion on an approved list. Applications shall be determined by the Executive or by a sub-committee acting on its behalf and successful applicants shall be added to the relevant list or lists.
  4. An applicant whose application is refused may request to have the reasons reviewed by the Executive. If, on review, the Executive approves the application, the applicant shall be added to the relevant list or lists. If the Executive does not approve the application, the applicant may then appeal to the Appeals Tribunal.
  5. any person on the approved lists shall remain so until:
  1. he or she ceases to be a member of RealDemocracy.uk;
  2. he or she resigns from an approved list by giving notice in writing;
  3. the Executive has reason to believe that he or she no longer supports the principles of RealDemocracy.uk, or
  4. the Executive has reason to believe that conduct (whether personally or in connection with the affairs of the Party) has been such as to make him or her unsuitable to be a candidate
  1. The Executive shall review the relevant approved list after each  election as the case may be and may require any person wishing to remain on a list to submit a fresh application. The approval of any candidate who has not applied to be a candidate in any parliamentary election for five years shall lapse unless a fresh application is made.
  2. No person shall be removed from a list without being notified of the grounds on which the Executive is considering such removal and being given:
  1. a reasonable time within which to reply and make representations in writing;
  2. the right to a hearing by the Executive (or representatives thereof), and
  3. the right to appeal to the Appeals Tribunal.

Section 2: Campaigning RealDemocracy.uk shall conduct responsible and ethical election campaigns, focusing on policy-based debates and constructive engagement with the electorate. RealDemocracy.uk shall encourage and facilitate the involvement members and supporters in campaign activities.

Article 6: Finance and Resources

Section 1: Funding RealDemocracy.uk shall rely on voluntary contributions from members, supporters, and fundraising activities to finance its operations. It shall ensure transparency and accountability in financial matters and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Section 2: Resources RealDemocracy.uk shall utilize resources effectively and responsibly to achieve its objectives. It may establish branches, committees, and working groups as necessary to enhance its activities and engage with the public.

Article 7: Amendments and Ratification

Section 1: Amendments This constitution may be amended by a designated majority vote during Party conventions or other appropriate Party gatherings. Proposed amendments shall be circulated to Party members in advance for their consideration.

Section 2: Ratification This constitution shall come into effect upon its ratification by a designated majority vote at a Party convention or a special gathering called for this purpose.

This constitution is adopted and ratified by the members of The Will of the Electorate Federation


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WOTE.uk aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics