The WOTE Pledge: how "we the people" can engage and  make a difference... more than once every 5 years.

The Westminster blob's policy to divide, dissipate and dismiss has worked again. The scale of the fraud and deception of this election is stark and provocative. We must harness the disquiet and provide an obviously equitable alternative before the usual sandbaggers of Whitehall assume the dust has settled, and it's back to obfuscation as usual.

The pledge is the foundation of the WOTE principle.  But all candidates - independent or party sponsored - could undertake to do what their electors ask/instruct as an expression of good faith. And sign the pledge at any time.

Notes on a proposed voting system to follow - but it is likely to be a secure email platform where the proposition is to reply "Yes, No or Abstain". 

Simple, unambiguous and scalable. Why wouldn't they?  Try it, all you new MPs, it's good karma... 

The WOTE Pledge...

"... As the elected person for (constituency), I pledge that....

Where my electorate unambiguously wishes me to vote on a particular motion, I will obey.  (e.g. >50% of the whole electorate)

Where my electorate expresses a strong view, I will only demur where my conscience demands that I should disobey. (Significant majority, but <50%)

Where the electorate is divided, I am able to use my own discretion, knowing that my vote will be noted by the electorate. 

I understand that my voting record will be made available to the Electorate at the next election.

Signed as

(i) Prospective candidate for (constituency)

(ii) Currently elected Member for (constituency)

07JUL24 v2.1 aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics