When will the penny drop?


Jun 06, 2024By Pete North

Pete's crystal ball is once again tuned into an imminent dystopian future...

.... When Britain slides into civil war, which is now a 'when' rather than 'if', we won't even notice we're in one for the first few years. It will be a phoney war. It will take place on our city streets after dark, and we won't even be sure who the protagonists are. People will still travel to work as normal come morning, surveying the damage from the top deck of the bus, retreating to the peace of the outer suburbs at night. 

We'll still hold elections as normal, but each time it will be more alien to us, until one day, not so many years from now, we find that white British people are the minority in parliament, and issues concerning Britain will simply not be debated. That's when the penny will drop, even with middle class white liberals (or some of them anyway), that something dark is upon us. At this point, the white working classes will begin to organise politically on ethnic lines, abandoning the traditional parties. They will sweep aside pretenders like Reform. 

For now, ethnonationalism is an electoral non-starter, and a losers' creed, but when Islamists outnumber conservatives in parliament, and the left wing parties are the handmaidens of Jihad, we will see local political alliances of nativists becoming voluntary community defence forces. Initially, the police will try to stop them, but increasingly, white British policemen will switch sides. 

At that point, the violence will intensify. The violence up to now has notably been interethnic violence between blacks and Asians, Muslims and Hindus, but when it starts to spill out, it will become whites versus minorities. It will be further aggravated by the far left tooling up to fight the white nationalists. 

From there, normal routines begin to collapse as people stay away from the cities, and they soon start to resemble 28 Days Later. Offices will switch to lockdown procedures, encouraging people to work from home, while public transport ceases to operate, and people don't go out in their cars due to road block ambushes, and at this point the army is deployed to basically seal off the city centres. 

But there won't be enough manpower for the army to take back control, and in all probability, given who's in charge, the army could even break away from political control under a strong man general (assuming they're not all DEI indoctrinated clones). It may even take a coup within the army, and then the army starts rounding up civilian men and pressing them into militias.

At this point we will see a lot of immigrants leaving Britain in droves, but we will also have in influx of foreign Islamists with a supply of weapons. Cross channel ferries will cease operating, but there will be steady traffic in small boats. Meanwhile, there's a mass exodus of remaining whites in London to the regions. We'll see huge tent cities springing up around white strongholds. 

We still won't call it a full-blown civil war, though. It won't be the kind of airstrikes and shelling we've seen in Syria.

Just absolute chaos, all the time, everywhere, worsening as the national grid collapses, and we only have power for a few hours a day, if at all. Soon after, the collapse of cross channel trade will cause an acute food crisis, especially after the supermarkets have been stripped bare. We'll then see raiding parties invading homes, scavenging for food.

I don't know how this ends, or if we can pull it back from the brink of mass slaughters, but it may even collapse at the same time as Germany and France. The odds of this happening in Britain now seem as likely as a war with Russia.  A war with Russia might very well be the thing that brings it about as the British people decide they are not going to fight and die for a regime that's run by and for foreigners.

I just don't know. But from the way it looks, I don't think we can vote our way out of this mess. I just know that it's coming, and probably in my lifetime. It is not going to be pretty.

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