Theo Paphitis calls out British politics

Oct 08, 2023

Welcome to The Revolution, Theo. Grab a pitchfork and climb aboard.

"As a businessman I'm sort of finished with politicians because we've been living the past three years, we've sat there watch delusional people living on a different planet believing anything they say - thinking that we're all stupid enough to believe it ourselves, and we're not that stupid...
They've got very little regulation whatsoever and whatever regulation they did have they tried to sweep away, and we're acting like a tinpot dictatorship where everybody gets into Parliament, fills their boots enjoys life, goes on to the House of Lords or job for life or a bank or something... and actually they come first, their Party comes second and the nation has come a very poor third for the last few years.
I'm not quite finished ... and this is an opportunity now our third prime minister in this session of parliament this is our opportunity to try and put things right and get confidence, alternatively we're going to have to start have another election an election another that's what we both parties hold on I'm not picking any party I've been I've been absolutely independent here will we then start asking for a political regulator to regulate politicians because they can't behave themselves?
Do you know if you're a director of a public company in the city - whatever you say you've got to have verification for you got to verify otherwise they grab you throw you out -  politicians seems to be quite happy to go and news channels just spouting what they actually know is a down right lie and that that has got to stop and has got to stop now! This is our opportunity to get some stability back in the country and for it to try and rebuild and then have an election on the right terms where people understand this is a serious job and we need serious people with ability to do the job for the nation." aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics