The illegitimate election

Jun 16, 2024By WOTEUK William Poel
WOTEUK William Poel

So who knows that the file in the picture is known as a Bastard? What a wonderful language we possess.

It is really important to start making it plain to the blob (and presumptive elites) that when the votes are counted and Reform have more votes than any party other than Labour - but only a handful of seats then ALL voters will take to the streets of Westminster and demand a complete rethink of the electoral system.

(**Aftermath note: maybe the most stark illustrations of the easily gamed electoral system is the number of votes needed byLiberal Democrats to win 71 seats; and then the fact that 20% of the population has given labor 60% of the seats in the House of Commons is a constitutional malfeasance of the highest degree. The sectarian vote that gave four seats to Hamas supporters is a further reminder that the system is fundamentally fooked.)

It will be impossible to escape the obvious fact that is an outrageous embarrassment, and not merely no longer "fit for purpose".

And Never mind postal vote fraud.

So we should start NOW to demand that Starmer's glaringly illegitimate government should be postponed for 6 months. That would be enough time for a new phone/internet voting system to be discussed, trialled and implemented.  It's not nearly as big a task as those that don't want any sort of PR or change will try and pretend.

The only reason why a politician might not want to clear away the embarrassment could be that their party benefits unfairly from retaining the "traditional" fraud.

Yes, we understand all the issues around security and fraud - but banks and government have made ownership of a smart phone with internet access pretty much compulsory if you want to exist at all in 2024. 

And at the same time as doing this, we can tidy up many aspects of identity and tracking - and the need to back up all phones securely.  It's especially handy that WOTE founders were involved in the foundation and deployment of the internet for its entire 40+ year evolution.  And a couple of us also worked on Amstrad's famous emailer devices and network from 1997.  Those were the days...

orange fruits
Amstrad E-Voting Terminal

There is still just time to manoeuvre this election to include a referendum on real reform and Real Democracy.

Maybe @elonmusk would like to step up and offer to work with his smart developers on the secure voting platform - and then offer to do the same with any country that wants to clean up voting systems that range from dubious - to outrageously and obviously corrupt. aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics