Tax Rises !

Jun 10, 2024By WOTEUK William Poel
WOTEUK William Poel

Real Democracy MPs will raise taxes**
Labour, Conservative and LibDems all promise not to increase income tax or NI - when they really do not know what trade-offs are involved or what the future holds.
However, we all know that such promises from the usual suspects from Labour, Conservative or LibDem  are easily forgotten (tuition fees, Nick?) if they plead “extraordinary circumstances" - which they will always be able to contrive on demand. warns in advance you that it may be necessary to propose to raise taxes to support crucial public services. 

** HOWEVER, in accordance with the WOTE Federation pledge, this decision will be subject to the Will of the Electorate. WOTE electors will be canvassed using our secure voting system, and that decision will be enacted.

When you elect an independent  candidate that supports the WOTE pledge, then you and your vote will be counted many more times than once every five years, aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics