So only pay 34% of the tax due?

WOTEUK William Poel
Jul 05, 2024By WOTEUK William Poel

Rishi Sunak was a very lonely figure. His quite astonishing folly has steered the UK to the edge of a Marxist abyss. Has he been the victim of a Russian Psyops plot? Did Sue Gray leave sleepers in Downing Street to complete the work of bringing down the government and setting up her new boss?

So what is wrong with everyone? This is a malignantly illegitimate and plainly bogus result - where a minority government with just 34% of the vote (60% turnout) wins the lunatics 409 seats, amounting to almost 60% of the total of 650 asylum seats.

LibDems win 70 seats with 12% of the vote. Reform wins 5 seats with 16%. There needs to be an immediate expression of popular outrage. Let's see what happens when Taxpayers try to remit 34% "pro rata" of the taxes due. But also pay the other 66% into an escrow account, pending on voting reform.

But this form of direct action is no longer possible in a world of direct debits, PAYE and money that you simply do not control any longer, and frequently never even see before it is "confiscated". WEF Plans for Central Bank digital currency (CBDC), digital ID and social credit scoring, are well advanced. Ask Tony Blair. It is of course for your own benefit.

What's this... you hadn't heard? Remember the story of the frog in a pan of water, that does not notice as the temperature rises gradually until it is boiled alive.

An old friend who is a Czech expat who escaped communism 40 years ago, and moved to Australia to set up a successful electronics business responded to my proposition...

"....It’s a great idea, but the obedient sheeple will never dare to do it. You do need to face the fact that you are in fact a dissident, a part of a  tiny minority that the ignorant and cowardly majority is too afraid to join, and even despises for that very reason. Most people are so intimidated and paralysed by the current system that they became incapable of any meaningful and resolute action against it. And many also fall prey to a kind of Stockholm syndrome. You can’t fundamentally change a system that is inherently rigged against such a major change, and which moreover relies on ignorance and cowardice of the majority of the population. Really, the similarity with the communist society I grew in is hard to ignore. It would literally take some sort of an organized revolution to extricate the society from this complicated, self-perpetuating mental disorder..."

Ouch  🤔

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