Planning blight

Jun 26, 2024By Pete North


Pete North has a simple plan to restore the UK ...what's not to like? 

I am a proud NIMBY. I do not want the British countryside paved over with solar panels. I do not want us to waste billions on ugly pylons just to connect useless, expensive windmills. I do not want our rural towns becoming soulless commuter dormitories. I oppose all new housing estates. 

Two things need to happen in Britain. We must first freeze immigration completely to stem housing demand. Then we must rebuild our cities. 

Britain has the lowest residential density in city centres anywhere in Europe. As retail has declined, our town centres have died. The job is to rip down useless, obsolete shopping malls and create green spaces, and build elegant residential blocks in the cities. 

This makes sense for several reasons. Firstly, town centre retail is dead. Major transport hubs are in city centres. If you live in a town, walking distance from a rail or bus station, you have access to several other towns where you can work without needing a car. 

There's another very good reason to do this. London and the South East are overcrowded. Middlesbrough, Hull, Liverpool and Huddersfield are not. If anything, they are underpopulated. Nobody wants to live there because they are urban slums. 

If we want people to move back into the cities we have to create livable, attractive spaces and rediscover beauty in architecture. But for it to work, they must be crime free. There must be zero tolerance for antisocial behaviour and vagrancy. We must clean up illegal immigration. 

The urban sprawl we're seeing spread into the countryside is a symptom of our decaying cities, and that is very much a consequence of mass immigration. New build housing estates in our rural towns are just luxury refugee camps for white people. We've been driven out of our cities. We stand to lose a major part of what makes Britain a homeland. If we are to save this country, and take back what is ours, we need to get busy with mass deportation.

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