Jordan Peterson talks to Nigel ...

Jul 04, 2024By WOTEUK William Poel
WOTEUK William Poel

Nigel talks to Jordan about UK politics and government since Blair. There is very little that is uplifting in this analysis.

"What the hell were they thinking?" sums it up.

We also need to review of every one of the major hoaxes of the past ten years that have been shaping the misleading and costly policies driving climate, health, defence, education, law and farming. Especially the malign influence of Big Pharma pumping us full of their untested potions.... there is no so much more we can do with AI to organise trials and evaluate medical research data. 

But how could any sentient being watching Joe Biden - the man with the atomic launch codes - being allowed to stumble along, without being shocked? Surely this proves that Reagan's "fascist liberals" have overtaken Western democracy..  what is going on?

How deep does this lunacy run in our society? aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics