If it was easy, everyone would be doing it

May 22, 2024By Pete North


For there to be unity on the right, there has to be an obvious frontrunner campaign organisation that can build and sustain a movement.
When one comes along, the rest will evaporate. But none of the contenders have worked out how to build one.
What hope for a reborn Conservative party minus Sir Graham Brady and his acolytes, but with respect for member power?

For that you need an intellectual foundation, a vision, and detailed, credible policies derived from your intellectual foundation to implement that vision.

You then need a working grassroots organisational structure and intelligent, credible leadership that can nurture talent. Oh, and a truckload of money.

Of the players on the board, we have one-man-band nonentity quasi-fascist parties [who on earth are you alluding to, Pete? -ed], crank parties obsessed with vaccines, Laurence Fox's very online ego vessel, the incompetent populism of Reform, a defunct Ukip party, PopCons trying to rehabilitate the ever ridiculous Liz Truss, and a movement that think its only salvation is the politically spent Nigel Farage. And to top that off there's a strain of antisemitism creeping in. 

We have no serious policy thinkers to speak of, nobody thinking in terms of long term strategy, and nobody with the money to break a new venture out of the Twitter bubble. You have to build these things from the ground up with local campaigning, but you also need some kind of sponsorship/patronage from within the politico-media sphere to get any kind of recognition and momentum. The most we can ever dredge up is ex-MEPs and disgraced Tories to appear on GB News. The only outfit even close to having a clue how to do it is the SDP, who aren't even right wing, and will remain electorally insignificant for the next decade at least.

With Reform circling the drain, there's nothing left to do but wait to see what, if anything, can be salvaged from the wreckage of the Tory party. It's plausible that a National Conservative party could be the successor to the Tories, but probably ends up being a liferaft for Tory flunkies who achieved nothing when they held ministerial posts, and it goes on to lose the 2029 election.

I'm not trying to piss on your chips here, but the starting point has to be a realistic assessment of the materials we have to work with. We're not going to get anywhere without addressing the causes of the right's dysfunction. 

In any case, your premise is faulty. Uniting the disparate organisations does absolutely nothing, because they're all splinter groups of the same tiny cohort of autistic crackpots, halfwits and blaggers. (Seriously, who have we got who's seriously impressive?)

You could unite them all under one banner but you'd still be losing deposits forever under FPTP, and will be completely disregarded by the media as not even significant enough to attack. They learned their lesson form the Ukip experience. 

Ultimately, I think we're going to have to build a movement from scratch that outperforms the existing dross, but if it doesn't get the fundamental intellectual foundation and pitch right, it will be yet another colossal waste of time, energy and resources.

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