How bad can it get?

WOTEUK William Poel
Jun 27, 2024By WOTEUK William Poel

I am starting to despair. 

This election has been as unedifying as any I can recall. And I can just about recall Harold Wilson's "Go with Labour" campaign from the 60s.  His government introduced a £50 max foreign travel allowance, income taxes at 90% and cut the voting age from 21 to 18.  The "colourful"  Tom Driberg was a featured Labour politician (Party chairman) of the time.  Driberg made no secret of his homosexuality, which he practised throughout his life despite its being a criminal offence in Britain until 1967; his ability to avoid any consequences for his risky and often brazen behaviour baffled his friends and colleagues. 

The Wilson government's liberalisation of divorce, gay relationships and abortions provided the foundations of the permissive society.  It was a typical "Rome burns" administration with precious little attention paid to wealth creating  industrial or financial matters, and it all left the UK in hock to the Gnomes of Zurich for years. 

We entered the sixties as post-war world leaders in jet engine and nuclear technology. We had a major car industry. We had a serious global reach with the BBC and our creative industries. The various V bombers: Vulcan Victor Valiant were a credible deterrent in the Cold War. The TSR2 was well ahead of its US rivals. But they all ended up scrapped or costing fortunes. Although the iconic Vulcan carried on into the Falklands conflict, and was an absolutely awesomely inspiring sight at air shows that reminded the punters that at least some of their taxes were being spent with style.

But Labour handed the UK defence industry to the USA, and gave it the Harrier VTOL technology.

And just as Keith Starmer prefers not to go into detail, Harold Wilson never said where to "go with Labour". The answer was apparently "to hell in a hand cart".

It seems that by 1997 we had long forgotten the disaster Labour years of Wilson and Callaghan, and were ready to roll the dice again when Tony Blair convinced us things "could only get better".  He was able to take advantage of a solid financial starting point with inflation and interest rates under control, after the solid growth of the 80s as a financial services economy had been invented in the City of London.

The idea that switching now from Conservatives to Labour amounts to any sort of real change is tenuous, when both are beholden to WEF principles and influences. And both are too scared to admit that climate and energy extremism is mostly a hoax built on a hypothesis that still nobody has been able to prove. The truth of the covid pandemic and vaccine hysteria is leaking out, but nobody has the honesty to come clean and hold a full enquiry.  Still no one has addressed the immigration situation by telling France they are getting all their invaders back. aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics