Halt... who goes there...?

May 18, 2024By Pete North


Taking it as read that the Tories lose the next election, they're not getting a whiff of power again until they catch up with the Will Of The Electorate (aka public sentiment) on immigration. Their big problem, though, is that however robust their immigration policies, they'll still be nowhere near where the public is. The direction of travel is further right all the time. Even centre-right immigration policies will fail to impress jaded right-leaning voters. 

The latest recommendations from @RobertJenrick are good as far as they go, but it's still shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. It does nothing to address the "sub-prime" illegal immigration influx of the last few years. 

Ultimately, we're going to need a massive overhaul of welfare, not least because we can no longer afford such massive liabilities and we most certainly can't afford to keep bankrolling the least productive foreigners to occupy the highest value real-estate. The lawlessness, crime and squalor will deter investment in London.

But this is also a warning shot to the Reform Party, in that their idiotic "net zero immigration" policy still implies a massive influx of people. They're going to need a comprehensive and credible array of policies to address the multiple threads of immigration problems, from universities to the care sector, industrial policy and the detection of illegal immigration. If the Tories do travel to the centre right, Reform will look quite tame by contrast. Unless Reform is prepared to go further, there is no real reason for its existence. 

Right now, though, neither party is offering a robust approach to directly address the problems, and if you want to vote for a party that takes the issue seriously, then you have to look to the far fringes.

At present, it seems Tories are afraid of their own shadow on immigration, with half the party convinced that they have to maintain the mythical centre ground to avoid a wipe out. They should try talking to their former voters, particularly the young, who are quite awake to the fact that our open borders increasingly deny them a shot at homeownership or even renting anywhere close to where the good jobs are. Nobody sane is going to pay £2k a month for a rented shoebox in a neighbourhood where third world tribes battle for drug turf outside the front door. 

On that note, reclaiming the streets is an absolute priority. Just getting a grip on immigration isn't enough. The Met police needs to be broken up and taken away from mayoral control. We then need our own Gendarmerie directly answerable to Number Ten. We need to put the fear of God into the ghettos who assume anything goes. 

For as long as the establishment parties show no sign of getting a grip, voters are increasingly going to withdraw from the process until something worth voting for shows up. And on current from, that won't be Reform either. 

It's interesting that the Irish are now mobilising against mass immigration, and sentiment is only going to harden further across Europe. This is becoming an existential issue for all of Europe. The only people who aren't getting the message are the British political class. They have no idea how out of touch they are. They have no idea how moronic they are. They have no idea how much they are despised. They keep wailing about the toxicity of public debate and the way they're received by the public, but they ain't seen nothing yet. And, boy, will they deserve what they get. 

They thought we didn't notice them bending over for the Islamist mob camped outside parliament. They thought we didn't notice them sweeping the brutal murder of the affable David Amess under the rug. They thought we didn't notice mobs of foreigners defacing our monuments and defecating in the streets. They thought we didn't notice emboldened Jihadists calling for blood on the streets of London. They think we haven't noticed their abject moral cowardice.

But we noticed. And we're taking notes. We're noticing how the political class is trying to keep a lid on it. We notice their state of denial. We noticed the two-tier policing. We notice the false equivalence with an electorally insignificant "far right". We notice our cities turning into squalid, crime-ridden slums. We notice our living standards declining. We notice Britain becoming a more crowded, hostile and alien country that we can no longer call home. We noticed. We'll remember. We're coming to collect.

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