Grasping nettles

May 29, 2024By Pete North


Elsewhere in this site we mention that we are experimenting with AI tools; and we invoked the MS design tool using this Magic Spell: "man wearing traditional Yorkshire ecky thump costume grasping stinging nettles."
Early days, I fear... but at least it's free for now.

"... ... In which Pete North describes his recent journey as an online political observer and commentator, and the task ahead for the new breed of soothsayers and influencers that are steadily driving traditional media to face the possibility that they are no longer relevant. Today, the Evening Standard announced it is to stop printing a daily newspaper, blaming working from home and increased Wi-Fi on the London Underground.

Twitter especially has been made robust and globally accessible at Elon Musk's insistence, and GB News is using for broadcast delivery and interaction. The "spaces" debating environment supports an unlimited potential audience and up to 12 speakers

"...I've been on quite a few Spaces over the last few weeks and I can't remember exactly who said what, but a thought that wormed its way into my head, is that a degree of self-delusion is essential for any participant in politics. You have to believe in the impossible. Me especially. 

If I followed all my arguments through to their logical conclusion, I would have to admit that Britain is a defeated, colonised country and that it's too late to take it back. If I conceded on that, I would simply give up. Instead, I cling on to the idea that nothing is irreversible. That may be a delusion, but it's my delusion, and the one that sustains me. 

Here I have to remind myself that leaving the EU was once a delusion. Twenty years ago the possibility was so remote, but we all kept our eyes on the prize. We kept buggering on with our delusions. Which is what we must do now. We are still the majority. All it takes is determination and patience.

If we are going to win, though, we're going to have to engage like never before. Voting alone won't fix this. It requires each of us to do more - to step outside our comfort zones and be leaders - even if that's just standing up to speak your mind when nobody else will. Join a party or organisation, even if you think it's futile. It doesn't matter which. Just get out and promote the idea that we *can* win. Later for all that politics bullshit. 

Looking at the political landscape right now, the British people have been frozen out their politics. Politics is now occupied by post-nation squatters. The Tory wets are consolidating their control over what's left of the Tory party, and the Labour party is poised to twist the knife. But they're surviving on borrowed time.  Their age is over. They just don't know it yet. 

The political class are dinosaurs. They are relics of the old world order. They're clinging on by their fingernails. They may be fortified in an impenetrable Westminster bunker, with the media as their Imperial Guard, but soon they'll discover that they're going one way, and the people are going the other.

Hell, even reality is going in the opposite direction to them. So just have faith in the law of political gravity. We can win. We will win. Faith turns delusion into the possible. aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics