Gaming Asylum

May 26, 2024By Pete North


The liberal position on asylum is lazy. It's not principled at all. It's pure moral posturing.

A correct-thinking person should be appalled at abuse of the asylum system because it diminishes capacity and willingness to help those in genuine need. 

The soft-touch mentality says it's OK for anyone to break our immigration laws with impunity, thus they set the precedent that migrants can pick and choose which laws they respect.

A functioning state cannot work with elective laws. 

This is dangerous. The public will not stand for the gaslighting.

The establishment knows they are not refugees. They are economic migrants avoiding the law, in order to cheat their way onto the UK taxpayer funded gravy train. We know they are not refugees. Blatantly lying about this obvious state of affairs confirms that the establishment cannot be trusted to tell the truth on a wide range of matters where the civil and public service has been infiltrated and subverted. 

The British public are angry right now. The political class is rubbing our noses in policies they know we don't want. They're laughing at us. They know our votes are meaningless, and they win whatever happens at the election. Furthermore, they know they can deploy the full force of the state against dissenters. If we talk back, we end up in a police cell. 

They know we can't organise, and we won't take direct action, because generally we are law-abiding people. They exploit that. Everything they say and do is in bad faith. They'll keep pissing on us.

Speech codes and X guidelines prevent me from fully expressing the depth of contempt I have for these people, and the effectiveness of prison as a deterrent prevents me from acting on that impulse.

My only comfort is the certain knowledge that I'm very far from alone in feeling this way, and I live in hope that the shared sense of disgust will find a way to manifest itself in a productive way. 

But in the meantime, we can at least let our politicians know that they are despised without reservation, and their time of abusing their position will one day end. It is incumbent on all of us to be as unpleasant as possible to these lowlifes. We need to set a new standard of "toxic discourse".

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