Criminal Neglect


May 04, 2024By William Poel

I have adapted a twitter post by Peter North as the basis for this a WOTE policy discussion document. As usual, it's already 95% "ideal for purpose" and requires just minor adjustment to accommodate the idea that the electors will be asked for their opinion and participation in the democratic process a good deal more frequently than just once every 5 years.

Britain is sliding ever deeper into a dark age as freedoms have been rescinded, and a thought police appointed. Our democracy is being strangled by the globalist technocracy, and the very fabric of our nation is being compromised by mass immigration. We are increasingly vulnerable to growing threats from within and without. The Conservative Party is supposed to be the natural defender of national principles and ambition, but on every count it has capitulated. It conserves nothing. It won't even conserve itself. Consequently, it has been routed from the town halls, and soon from Westminster. And there are Conservative MPs and Ministers who still do not understand what they have allowed to happen.

The right-leaning "inclination" in Britain has no voice; it is a silenced majority. Silenced by a relatively recent slew of poorly conceived and barely debated laws concerning hate speech and "online harm". God only knows what this will do to empower the rabid left as Starmageddon is delivered and enforced by subverted police and judiciary, with support from subverted public servants and an interfering ECHR.

Millions of voters stayed at home, because they don't see an alternative, and are weary of trying to counter specious accusations of fascism and racism by the activists of the rabid left. There are notional alternatives on the ballot paper, but they're not offering what people want. Reform sees itself as the natural inheritor of these votes. But, if the local election results are any guide, the votes shed by the Tories are not going to Reform.

Of the parties who offer anything approaching a fresh vision, the SDP have shown they have a good local game, and appear to be gradually building something. I wouldn't write them off as useless, but it looks to have a destiny as a niche concern rather than a movement for change. Looking at the disparate and fragmented components, there doesn't appear to be the basis of a new movement anywhere on the horizon.

Much now depends on the severity of the Tory defeat in the general election and how it re-constitutes. There are rumblings on the right of the party that simply cannot exist with the liberal internationalists. It cannot continue as a schizophrenic party. It must decide once and for all what it stands for. If the party believes it feels more at home at their misconstrued notion of the political centre, it must be abandoned as a going concern. 

If, however, National Conservatism wins out, we should be even more cautious. It will make all the right noises, but will likely stop far short of the kind of policies we need to arrest the decline and reverse our fortunes. Moreover, the closer it gets to power, the more it will moderate its policies, and the greater the likelihood of a complete betrayal if it reaches power again. We cannot afford to trust them again. 

With that in mind, any upstart presenting as an alternative needs to be explicit in what it stands for, what needs to be done to turn things around, with an unwavering determination to get it done. It must be willing to take stances unpopular with the media and the political blob. It must not shrink from controversial policies. Its policies will be viewed as extreme by the establishment, because its policies will need to be proportionate to the scale of the problems. To that end, it must be firm in its belief that there is no alternative. In short, it needs to channel Margaret Thatcher at her peak.

That party will recognise that any international convention or treaty that frustrates effective border control and economic renewal is intolerable. It should be prepared to junk the UN, the Paris Agreement, the ECHR, and the TCA if necessary. It must understand that National Democracy cannot coexist with the many dilutions of the "international rules based order". It's over. The direct national interest must come first. Similarly, the Climate Change Act and equalities legislation should be repealed. 

On immigration, it must recognise that this is no longer a matter of simply managing numbers. It must accept that multiculturalism has failed in its entirety, and that unfettered immigration has enabled them to merge into the extant ethnic and religious communities which have soaked public resources threaten to destabilise the country and plunge us into irretrievable civil disorder, where there are no longer the numbers of police or military required to ensure public order in our towns and cities. I will understand that robust action must be taken now to save Britain from Lebanonisation. It will realise what the Tory party catastrophically refuses to acknowledge; that the Rubicon has already been crossed. It must recognise the enemies within, and count those who frustrate corrective actions as aiding that enemy. 

In that regard, it will view the Tory party not as a more moderate version of itself, but part of the problem. Worse, in that it attempts to deny the scale and urgency of the problems and obstruct necessary change.  I see no scenario where the Tory party can be trusted again. In either of its guises, it is a decoy. 

My thinking is that a redeveloped Reform party could be the basis of this movement, though if can't recalibrate to the task, a rebranded Ukip would be the best vehicle since it already has a decent ideological definition and policies in the right ballpark. I'd rather not have to start a movement from scratch. If that's what we have to do then so be it, but we need to debate the options first.

However, the WOTE ethos of continual consultation with voters to determine and adjust policy between general elections, with MPs operating as a Federation of independents, will be the most likely practical way forward from here in the time available.

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