Could we do any worse?


Jun 01, 2024By Julian Nickleson

Democracy should notionally represent the views of the majority - but for a long time UK government has been influenced and controlled by a cabal of noisy minorities and assorted fringe interest groups, PR consultants, social media influencers and lobbyists - apparently operating on behalf of commercial interests and foreign governments.

Britain is being/ has been subverted via a process of social engineering involving the imposition of the view of the "Liberal Elite" mostly notably as interpreted by the BBC and its house journal, The Guardian Newspaper.  This is a dangerous intellectual monoculture of opinion that questions, dismisses and demeans the traditional conservative values that represented the "silent majority" of the UK for most of the 20th century. Values that defined attitudes towards family, society and nation - and latterly became confused over the issues of gender identity. Basic common sense has been gradually replaced with Marxist ideology as the 1984 warnings of Yuri Bezmenov have not been heeded.

We have been gradually boiled in a pan of political malfeasance that began with Tony Blair's 1997 regime with its stealth attacks on the constitution and legal system, via the relentless politicisation of all public service - especially health, education, judiciary and police, and miscellaneous civil servants under effective socialist control, openly defying the will of the electorate during the Brexit fiasco.

Normal people are no longer represented, and declare themselves to be politically homeless.

In order to restore faith in politicians, their salaries should be increased significantly - but at the same time they and their families must be subject to strict conditions about how they are able to cash in on their influence while they hold office, and after they retire, resign or are fired.   The cost of this will be minimal compared to inept governance awarding contracts or grants to the wrong pressure groups and lobbyist entities.

Britain must reinstate a common contract with the public whereby all responsible subjects (we are a monarchy, remember) regardless of gender, race, faith, orientation, social or financial position are treated as equal. The same laws and the same treatment by all government agencies and services.

The promotion of perverse minority interests by government agencies must also stop... no more police dancing in the street and no more acknowledgement of the race card.  The protection under law will be the same for all, thereby negating the need for special consideration.

All pressure groups will need to register and make the finances of their officers available to ensure they are not funded (even indirectly by foreign governments).

There will have to be a change in the operation of the police, where currently only 5% are ever on the street.  They must concentrate on street crime and machete wielding gangs, rather than supposed hate crime where people simply express opinions online. The "hurty-word" crime policing can initially fall on the shoulders of Internet companies - The Internet Watch Foundation was an early initiative from within the online industry that has been doing a good job - despite being starved of resources as long as politicians couldn't see any votes in the idea.

The UK defence services sector will need to be completely rethought.  

It is simply not good enough that a trident missile test that saw the missile flop into the sea 50m from the submarine was classed a success...appalling. 

It is ridiculous that a committee headed by a general designed the aircraft carriers, which are apparently too short by 10m or so with no catapult - and that forced the purchase of an f35b variant with significantly more expensive life cycle. The exclusion of nuclear power means extra support vessels and reduced operational viability. So maybe convert it to a cruise liner and start again. Or wait for a Palestinian terrorist with a £500 drone to sink them and collect on the insurance?

The RAF is also saddled with the f35b, but a navy officer decided what was good for them.

The PR machine needs to learn what the armed forces are supposed to do; instead of photos of commando generals with their head on one side looking cuddly - the public needs to be reassured that their armed forces will rip out the throat of the enemy and drink his/her warm blood.  The same goes for the air force which has become a champion of hiring minorities rather than the best candidates for the job.  The navy is run like a holiday club, with battle groups providing carrier operations training for the Japanese

Let's hope all pronouns were correctly observed and no feeling were hurt. aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics