Concentrated minds

May 30, 2024By WOTEUK William Poel
WOTEUK William Poel

So what is WOTE up to? Why the flurry of activity at 

Several reasons... mostly the concentration of mind that arises from a glimpse of the noose dangling on the scaffold as July 4th approaches, and the fear that the ghastly misfit wannabe MPs - now endlessly tormenting and disappointing us on TV and social media - will get into government without being properly under the ongoing control of the Will Of The Electorate.

It's up to us (and the heroically prolific political savant and spokesman for responsible moderate conservatives everywhere, Pete North) to keep on banging out the messages and themes that will come together in a manifesto for the Silenced Majority, soon enough. 

The principle of WOTE enables us to be ever so slightly demob-happy as we abdicate large tranches of granular responsibility for the mechanics of government to our fabulously well-trained and resourced civil and public servants. A lot of those details can now be tracked and reported using AI techniques.
Leaving WOTE Federation MPs to make certain that the Whitehall warriors all earn their fabulous salaries and gongs and pensions - and have  a rewarding time doing it whilst achieving the support and approbation of all for doing a good job that is continually monitored and confirmed by our rolling referenda sampling.
Counter intuitively (for some), handing off the irrelevance, minutiae and distraction of Westminster and Quangoland means we can properly micromanage manage the parts of government that really need to be kept under the microscope - delivering the Will of the Electorate - and keeping it on the rails, and the potholes repaired at last. aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics