Come the Revolution!

Oct 02, 2023

Welcome to the Will of the Electorate video blogs

In these blogs we will be going through a whole range of issues from how to become an MP through to how one finds out what the will of the electorate is, to  how you implement the will of the electorate and along the way we'll be using examples of problems that most of us see today and how the will of the electorate may well address these issues when the traditional political parties have failed. -come the revolution The Will of the Electorate Party has one aim.

To deliver the government services wanted by the Electorate as efficiently and effectively as possible within the resources available. ...come the revolution

I'm Peter Dawe, the Party Leader - I have opinions, I have lots of opinions, you will hear me expressing those opinions, but there is one thing that I promise you! When the will of the electorate is contrary to my opinions I will still implement the will of the electorate - even if that means that I have to stand down.

...come the revolution!

As the Will of the Electorate party gets more sophisticated in asking you the questions, we will be asking very difficult questions! Some of these questions can only be answered by the public. For example when it comes to health expenditure we can spend Millions keeping one person alive for another month or another year, but we don't have the Millions for everyone. Asking an individual to decide who lives and who dies is an impossible ask, on the other hand if we can get the Will of the Electorate to make these decisions there is no finger pointing and hopefully there is some closure as to those who won't get treated

...come the revolution

The Will of the Electorate party needs to ask the public questions -  for instance, currently the government is talking about removing petrol and diesel vehicles from the roads yet they are not talking about removing private jets from the sky or private yachts from the sea - it does sound as if that there are two lots of reality going on here and Peter believes the will of the electorate will give a very strong signal to government about these sorts of things.

...come the revolution

The Will of the Electorate in its first term will actually be doing some policy work and that policy work will be implementing efficiently and effectively the policies that you've already agreed through the old system. Far too often we are seeing those policies being frustrated or abused for political dogma reasons. 

So what we';ll do while we're asking the electorate what their priorities are, We will just tidy up the basic services that you expect for government to put  a simple example the Will of the Electorate party will fill the metaphorical potholes of government services.

 ...come the revolution

Some policies probably don't justify a nationwide referendum, even if it's as easy as touching a yes or no on your mobile phone. The Will of the Electorate will use the Civil Service to find out what the electorate want to do using things like focus groups and longitudinal studies and various other tools available. 

These techniques are actually well understood by the corporate sector and use them in their product design and marketing. ...come the revolution aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics