Britain's new far right

May 27, 2024By Pete North


The left is always bleating about the far right, but English nativist parties are electorally insignificant. They lose every deposit. It's nothing at all to worry about because they have no funding or social status. Everything is stacked against white working class people being able to organise. And as much as anything else, they tend to be politically incompetent and spend more time fighting each other. 

I've been an observer of politics for twenty five years now, and the far right is still made up of roughly the same people from the same low status places, with no exposure, and no foothold inside the establishment. Nick Griffin was their high water mark, and thanks to Brexit, they'll never reach that level ever again. 

There is, however, a new fascist movement in Britain. It's well resourced, highly organised, and given a free pass by the media and the usual "anti-hate" organisations. It masquerades as humanitarian in nature, and adopts the language of anti-racism. The new far right is a genuine threat because it knows how to game the dysfunction in our democracy. It stands to be more electorally influential than Ukip, not least because it is allied with the British far left. Islamism is flexing its muscles like never before.

What makes it dangerous is that it knows how to play the PR game.

They're sophisticated enough to be able to hoodwink British media and cry islamophobia! when criticised. They understand the power of the race card, and they know the establishment will come down hard on a white working class counter-movement. The establishment will roll out the red carpet for Islamists and pander to their every grievance. Especially the Labour party whose electoral fortunes depend on winning back the Muslim bloc vote.

Though this new far right will present as liberal progressive Islam, their ideology is closer to that of Reinhard Heydrich than Caroline Lucas. But white liberals are too blindsided by their hatred of the white working class to recognise the Nazism in their own ranks. They see the brown faces around them and applaud themselves for being inclusive and diverse, even if that means embracing Hamas supporters and cheering on rapists. Evil no longer shows up in black uniforms with skull insignia. It wears liberal institutions as a skinsuit and adopts their language. (As Ronald Reagan observed back in the 80s) 

Electoral law prevents an explicitly Muslim party, but they don't actually need one. They can simply co-opt existing parties. Once they gain control, they'll leave enough white useful idiots in place to keep up the pretence, but will become more brazen in their appeals to the Islamic bloc vote.

At first they'll gain control of councils and implement speech codes. Then they'll take control of licencing boards and close down pubs. They'll give unrestricted planning permission for new mosques and they'll close down any investigation of mass grooming. Pretty soon they'll be calling the shots in education policy and serving Halal to your kids. They'll funnel your money into Islamic organisations and divert money to Palestinian causes, and they'll put white people at the bottom of local housing lists. They’ll rig the postal vote. We know this because that's precisely what they're doing already in the places they currently control. Sadiq Khan is one of them.

Unlike white far right groups, the new Islamic fascist movement is highly organised, motivated, funded (by you) and unopposed politically. They're competent and quite ruthless in ways white far right never could be. Our zombie political class doesn't realise what's happening, and wouldn't act even if they did. The Labour party is only too happy to turn a blind eye to it when it suits them. As such, the Labour party are collaborators in what is a far right takeover of our cities.

It may not be immediately apparent to the casual observer of politics, but it's there to see if you look close enough. This is the closest to actual Nazism we've ever seen on our shores. Just don't expect Hope Not Hate and other Judas goat operations to utter a single word of condemnation. They're ok with it just so long as the white working class are the losers. This is the new sectarianism, and it's only a matter of time before everyone is voting along ethnic rather than party lines. This is multiculturalism. The end of functioning society.

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