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Jul 07, 2024By WOTEUK William Poel
WOTEUK William Poel

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Now there is real work to be done.

The key thing to remember is that 34% of the popular vote may now be about to make the lives of 66% of the nation suffer from a slab of long cherished dogma that nobody voted for - because nobody knew what was going on, because Starmer avoided been drawn into discussing his real intentions.

The useless media completely failed to corner Starmer and force a proper declaration of intent. I have just seen Labour Party advisor Sam White admitting that he took his inspiration to move on from the 2019 election defeat from an Avengers movie where Dr Strange reviewed a million possible futures, and chose the narrow path to success against Stanos, requiring self-sacrifice and bravery,

I kid you not, these wonks are borderline fanatics.

It might explain why Keir Starmer appears to have been modelled on Groot  (and before anybody tells me, I know he's from a different comic franchise).

Celebratory Toast with String Lights and Champagne Silhouettes

The clumsy Tories have gifted Labour the opportunity for Honest Keir to be praised by commentators like Caroline Slocock, (another career civil servant in the mould of Sue Gray, and former pps to a genuine political giant, Margaret Thatcher, and lesser mortal John Major). Caroline was earnestly enthusiastic about the opportunity to rediscover ethics and trust. Let's hope.

The Tories have such a lot to answer for, maybe starting with why they simply did not do any conservative things!  They managed to ruin the brand by remaining relentlessly Blair-like, and fought endless unproductive battles with Whitehall warriors who seemed to be allowed to get their own way over DCMS projects like Theresa May's 2022 Festival of Brexit. Widely dismissed as a woke fest that wasted £120m on projects with no lasting legacy. You probably never even realised is existed?

Meantime, Starmergeddon continues to unfold. Presently restrained by those who acknowledge 34% does not represent a credible mandate and reflects no faith in the policies of the secretive Starmer.

If they rattle on with the loony stuff - backed by just 34% of the popular vote giving Labour carte blanche, they know they will be hauled up and told to explain how 34% (of the 60% turnout) can justify the sort of deep constitutional change/mischief that ethically requires a credible mandate. Or even a referendum...

Here's a free bit of policy advice for Sir Keir - if he wants to start work to wind back the ruinous Blair devolution that broke up the Nation and led to the costly and unnecessary regional muddles in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Welsh Marxists, he may find more support than he is expecting. The rumours from the regions are that they know it hasn't worked, although it's costing a fortune.  But it suited Blair to set up regional enclaves where Tories would be very unlikely to establish long term influence. And so it was.

Better ways of collaborating whilst retaining devolving responsibility exist by properly exploiting the technology of 2024. Maybe even as basic as getting everybody to use Google's workspace apps on £150 Android phones and tablets. should start by "knowing the enemy" before launching into any presumptive moves based on the little idea of what Labour has up its sleeve. Nothing other than some platitudes have been allowed out of control freak headquarters, in case any awkward admissions of policy lunacy escape, and the Ming vase is dropped.

I'm not sure if he managed to deal with women's penises or not? The debate seems to have become flaccid, having been buried in confusion and bluster; but there are plenty of identity warriors on the government benches to pick up the agenda and run with it.

The stories of the Fabian Society sleepers in Westminster (common purpose) are only to be expected. The Fabian Society is a socialist version of the Masons, and 141 Labour MPs are members. Keir Starmer and Sadiq Khan belong to this sinister society, where the logo appears to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Talk about in plain sight...

Three young Women wearing face mask shows their voter id card after while casting their votes

Be very afraid that Tony"the end justifies the means" Blair is driving this initiative, as part of his digital vision for vaccination dystopia, so please keep in mind he is not a technologist of any sort, and once admitted to me that he struggled to change the batteries in a torch.

Changing the electoral system: Much more to be said 

The 2 party mafia will try to convince us that "this is the system, you can't change it" are going to be howled down. FPTP does not deserve to survive for another round of embarrassingly minority rule. The politically homeless are looking for a fresh new place to live, and some sense of participation that is not futile. They understand the problem of the "Uniparty" and want something different.

There are many opportunities to tweak the proposals to provide simple and effective answers.

"Effective government without tribal politics and dogmatic politicians" should be  a fashionable proposition. We are going to get a blast of dogma from the Fabians.

WSP+++ aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics