Being bad losers

Jul 05, 2024By WOTEUK William Poel
WOTEUK William Poel

Listen up chaps. Starmergeddon is much more serious than most people realise, Andrew Neil has got the Marxist plot in his latest daily mail feature - and the antibodies of the left are busy seeking out all criticism of Starmer and his fellow travellers. A veritable cytokine storm of cynical indignation descends on anyone daring to question the choice of his appointments.

Now let's see how quickly this most bogus of election victories can be contained and sanity restored. Andrew Neil summed it up...

Final triumph of the New Establishment: Now with a Leftie lawyer in Downing Street, they've seized the last piece of the jigsaw...

The new administration is off to a solid start of pious hypocrisy and ludicrous appointments. Politicians cannot help themselves. Pass the sick bag.

I asked an AI image bot to generate a picture of someone throwing up in a bucket - but it wouldn't let me. So I modified the description to a stuffed toy covering its mouth to pass the acceptability test. And ended up with the mutant creature at the top of this page.

But there are various interesting PR stunt opportunities – I favour citizens' arrests under the bribery act that says that attempting to buy votes with cash or promises is illegal. Which must mean any politicians are guilty. Grok agrees…

“…Trying to buy votes in the UK with cash or gifts is a big no-no, just like it is in the US. It's against the law, specifically the Representation of the People Act 1983. This law makes it clear that offering or accepting money or gifts in exchange for votes is a criminal offence. So, if you're caught trying to sway voters with cash or promises, you could be facing a fine and up to a year in the slammer.

But wait, there's more! The law also applies to those who solicit, accept, or receive such bribes. So, if you're the one offering the goodies, and the voter happily takes the bait, you're both in hot water.

Now, I know what you're thinking – "But what if I just really, really want that policy?" Well, I hate to break it to you, but the law doesn't care. It's all about maintaining the integrity of the democratic process.“

It's really not a case of being a bad loser, but of helping to save the bogus "winners" from being strung up by all those cheated by the outrageous exploitation of a voting system that cannot be justified any longer. There are a lot of them: 66% of the Electorate.

The silenced majority (literally) must demand a recount and review of missing postal votes, and election interference. Especially the Channel 4 stitch-up that started the phony canvasser hare running. Election fraud has become media sport during this election. 

We also need to review of every one of the major hoaxes of the past ten years that have been shaping the misleading and costly policies driving climate, health, defence, education, law and farming. Especially the malign influence of Big Pharma pumping us full of their untested potions. 

How could any sentient being watching Joe Biden - the man with the atomic launch codes - being allowed to stumble along? Surely this proves that Reagan's predicted "fascist liberals" have overtaken Western democracy.

What is going on? How deep does this lunacy run in our society? (cf Yuri Bezmenov)

Look what happened when somebody eventually raised the lid and saw what sort of creatures crawled out from the Post Office inquiry. And one of those involved is now in charge of a party of some 70 MPs! 

We must call for a time-out and a pause to repair the tattered credibility of British democracy - and its sinisterly subversive establishment - while there is still a chance. 

So let's develop the simple e-voting ideas being set out on this site to return (some) power to the people.

We also need to ask @OfCom to explain how GBN gets tagged for imbalance, when the BBC, C4 and ITV do what they want. So I also asked an AI bot to digest 30 mins of the BBC news channel, and find a photographic depiction of its respect for its audience... it again refused to be rude, so here's a REAL BBC image of Myram Moshiri.

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