Are you ready for social credit?

WOTEUK William Poel
Jun 09, 2024By WOTEUK William Poel

At what moment did Boris pass the point of no return?

Most realised a long time ago that he was a "loose cannon"; we had seen his popular act as mayor of London, where his ebullient charm had successfully managed and navigated the Conservative Party's famously "broad church". We just prayed the ebullient buffoon could be contained; his foibles were "priced in" - but always presented obvious attack opportunities for those waiting to kick the stool out from under.

Such a character was always going to be vulnerable to being undone by his many jealous detractors, but he was not ruthlessly managed and shielded by an Alistair Campbell. Quite the opposite, his own cabinet secretary Sue Gray couldn't wait to jump ship to support Labour. The Tory death wish knows few bounds. 

Also keep in mind that the visceral hatred of frustrated EU remainers has never gone away, where Boris remains the #1 hate figure and revenge target. They are still quietly convinced that they will be able to engineer a return to Brussels servitude soon enough.

And so the BBC which is a bastion of EUphilia has been able to manoeuvre their soul mates of the spiteful left into an unassailable election lead. The Marxists have been allowed to hide in the closet without facing a proper examination. The scary gender warriors and Palestinian apologists have not been cornered and required to explain their support for ideas that would not survive outside the metropolitan elite.

And perhaps the most scary thing of all is that the ill-conceived and untested big brother laws - only very recently introduced to address hate speech, and numerous other imagined online safety issues - have barely been tested in the field, and will now be eagerly pursued by all manner of DEI zealots and their Marxist thought police.  

The DEI process is another recently laid minefield, ready to blow up the unwary, and creating opportunities for vexatious litigants - and consultants to advise and create further new earning opportunities from the diversion of common sense by the ever expanding front line of the culture war.

Mind how you go...

If you were worried about the control of money by Central Bank digital currency (CBDC), it's already here. If you try and live in the UK without a viable internet connection and a viable bank account, you do not exist.  Ask Nigel Farage about the gotchas of "social credit"...

How many of us have got a (tested) fallback position prepared? aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics