A Velvet Revolution

Sep 21, 2023

It is a view, widely held in the UK, that those in power are not working in the interests of the general population. This view is now so strongly held, that many people are predicting or even demanding a “Revolution”. The Will of the Electorate Association (WOTE.uk) believes it has a vision for how they can be replaced, peacefully and perhaps more importantly not replaced with something the same or worse.

The method is simple.

To field a candidate MP in all 650 constituencies at the next general election.

In order to ensure we do not replace politicians with politician, every WOTE candidate is required to sign a pledge that they will implement the Will of the Electorate even if it conflicts with their personal view. This pledge also enable candidates from even compass point of political opinion and thought to rally to the cause of removing the current structure. Candidates can be Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Black, Brown or Yellow! They are free to express and argue to the electorate their view, but once the electorate have expressed their view, the MP is honour bound to implement the Electorates view as efficiently, effectively and rapidly as possible, within the resources available.

Offering every voter the opportunity to vote for a true representative, rather than the choice of dogmatic party MPs, would transform the election, from a beauty contest of who has the least worse proposals, to one which allows them to not only remove the cancer, but to replace it with a better system. At the very least this can be seen as a “None-of-the above” option on the ballot paper

Discovering the Will of the Electorate, will require thought and testing. First the Electorate must have access to whatever FACTS there are available on a matter.

Second, Those with views on how these facts can be translated into policy must argue their case to the electorate. There will be a need to ensure there is no abuse of the truth here.

Third, The electorate must be offered alternatives which are implementable. i.e. The costs and negative impacts must be included for the alternatives, as well as the benefits.

Finally, The view of the electorate has to be taken. This may be by referendum, which is now economically feasible with very nearly everyone with a secure and personal ID’s mobile phone. However, other techniques, such as focus groups and longitudinal studies may be used.

While the Will of the Electorate is being sought, The new government will be tasked to deliver the basic government services of security, justice and public goods that were the unfulfilled “promises” of the discredited. They will also seek to remove any “laws” that prevent these being delivered efficiently and effectively. In particular removing any laws that favour historically powerful.

While WOTE does not have any policies, as a party we can offer policy areas for debate, and encourage novel approaches to delivering these services. For instance, a debate on equalising those who enjoyed free university education at the same level as those who have had to pay their own fees and maintenance.

WOTE.uk aims to provide efficient and common sense government without the millstone of dogmatic politics