A climate control switch

Jun 20, 2024By WOTEUK William Poel
WOTEUK William Poel

Student of climatology, Chris Martz, takes no prisoners in the climate debate. He backs everything he says with copious background research and an uncompromising response to  critics

"... Climate alarmists unremittingly scream from the rooftops about “increasing weather extremes,” and anytime Mother Nature goes boo, they latch onto the media-spun storyline that every weather event is “unprecedented.”

A few of us, however, make our living by compiling climate data and then charting it to see what it reveals. All it takes is a few minutes to download it from NOAA or whatever “official” source, drop it into an Excel workbook, convert it into a .csv (comma delimited) file and run the script through Python. And, in most cases, we find that extreme weather events aren’t on the rise either here in the U.S. or on a global scale.

If the alarmist, however, is presented a chart or study or quotation directly from the IPCC AR6 Working Group I report, The Physical Science Basis, to show that (a) extremes are not increasing, and (b) the event in question is not unmatched in the historical record, he or she changes the subject to global average surface temperature and says “But, averages are increasing. You’re cherry-picking data and you can’t differentiate weather from climate.” And, they do this without being able to see the irony of their statement. You can talk until you’re blue in the face or until your nuts fall off, but it won’t make a difference. It will go right over his or her head because being able to think like a rational and normal human being is beyond their capability.

By and large, climate activists are self-confessed anti-capitalist “degrowthers.” They have a mission to terminate future economic growth and destroy the socio-economic system of the West and use climate change as a means of doing so through using the scientific community as a crutch to gain public support. So, it isn’t about science to them. It’s political.

They are Marxists. Plain and simple with the rare exception.

You can try reaching across the aisle all you want, but it will be to no avail. The climate doomer crowd suffers from an incurable mental disorder, I am sure of it at this point. You cannot reason with an individual who has taken a position on an issue that he or she didn’t reason his or herself into. If you give them an inch, he or she will demand a mile. 

The only tools the activist mob has in their arsenal are blanket statements like “all scientists agree,” or “you are not a scientist.” They habitually reply with straw men and non-sequiturs to try and gaslight you. This is a communist tactic used to try and make you question your sanity. These are mentally dysfunctional people with malicious intentions. Don’t feed them.

They deserve nothing more than to be ridiculed, laughed at and mocked endlessly until the house of cards finally comes tumbling down..."

Fighting talk, but the anthropogenic lobby STILL relies on a speculative hypothesis to sustain its desire to spend untold £trillions on the pursuit of net-zero. How come so many politicians accept the hypothesis without ever seeing the evidence and proof?

anthropogenic evidence

It is an act of religious faith, where the fear of being called a climate heretic by the mob has caused too many feeble politicians who have no concept of science to capitulate. Yuri Bezmenov explained how the tactics of Joseph Goebbels have been adapted and updated in his seminal video from 1984... (https://youtu.be/Z1EA2ohrt5Q)

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